On Monday June 11, Meet The Coach was held at the Altamonte Store location. The discussion lasted 1 hour 35 minutes.

We had discussed explaining what the program will entail:

 Program Details

    • Schedules will be emailed to participants every Friday
    • Training days (only Group runs will be on weekends locations to rotate) support will be coolers at start and finish
  • All other days will be on your own or organized as a group with each other and or combined with group runs / pub runs
  • Why heart rate training? (will require heart rate monitor)
  • Access to Coach Robb resources (heart rate calculator, sweat rate calculator, body analysis worksheet, coaching videos)
  • Closed Facebook Group for relay of information
  • Weekly topic specific recorded phone call (for Tier 2 participants) – call-in number will be provided

Pain Points

How to fuel for long distance running

How to avoid performance plateaus

How to avoid getting hurt while training for a marathon

How to finish workouts and races strong

This program is geared for the busy lifestyle and not mandatory meeting days. Coach Robb will provide each participant a personally tailored schedule based on physical ability and current base. All participants will engage with each other to share days, dates and times during the week in which group meet-ups can be held for all to join (not mandatory). This may include joining regular scheduled running groups and will include individual mileage goals which may differ.

The FB group page will encourage all participants to share mornings and evening runs with each other if they wish to meet. 

For safety and security we encourage and ask all participants to not share outside of the group scheduled days, dates and locations or any regular runs, routes.

Fleet Feet Sports will have a Gear Up and shopping night during the last week of June. All registered participants will receive discounts on products and short seminars during this evening.

Once you have registered for the program you will receive a Client Evaluation sheet from Coach Robb and your initial assessment will be scheduled. Group long runs will officially begin on June 30. Training schedule will begin immediately upon registering.

 Registration links will open new window to Fitvil. You will need to create your account profile if you do not have one. 

Register Here for Tier 2 Level $175 (Full Program)

Register Here for Tier 1 Level $150 use code:TIER1ONLY

There is a $5 processing fee to use the fitvil site. If you wish to pay in store there is no fee and once you pay for the program you will be provided a code to use when you register